Career coaching for women in tech.


Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft. Node.js Technical Steering Committee member. Former compiler engineer on Google’s Chrome V8 team. Pronouns she/they.

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Career Coaching
I provide one-on-one coaching to individuals looking for support, at any stage. As a career coach specializing in high tech and FAANG, my expertise includes backend software engineering, developer relations, Cloud development, and people management.
We’ll meet whenever you need an outside perspective from an experienced engineering leader via video chat. Meeting with me is like having a one-on-one with a manager who cares deeply about you and your own growth. I'm here to give you feedback, advice, and most importantly, to help you to introspect and find the answers that are inside of you.
Most often, I work with you to strategically and intentionally connect the dots between your career story and the companies and positions you are targeting in your job search. I’m also happy to help you brainstorm and edit your resume and job applications.
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